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Long Grove Audiology

We are dedicated to evaluating, improving and protecting hearing.
We can help you understand your hearing loss and find the best strategies,
solutions and technology to fit your lifestyle and listening needs.


Welcome To Long Grove Audiology!

At Long Grove Audiology we are dedicated to evaluating, improving and protecting hearing. Our licensed and certified audiologists believe in the value of ongoing education, research and patient education. We offer a friendly, comfortable environment for patients to learn about hearing loss and make informed decisions. Our audiologists have experience serving patients in clinical, hospital and academic environments and are highly regarded as honest, straightforward and knowledgeable professionals.

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Helping You Every
Step Of The Way

Long Grove Audiology is an independent, audiologist-owned practice. We are dedicated to providing thorough diagnostic services and dispensing quality hearing aids, earmolds, assistive devices and accessories at a wide range of prices. We provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere in which we educate patients and guide them in making informed, carefully considered decisions about their hearing. We work with several hearing aid manufacturers and will never be motivated by incentives or sales quotas. Our first priority is always to meet the individual needs of our patients.


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