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Hearing Tests - children and adults


Acoustic Reflex Testing

Hearing Aids - all styles in a wide range of prices

Hearing Aid Repairs
We have accounts with several hearing aid manufacturers, including Phonak, Siemens, Widex, Oticon, Resound, Starkey, Rexton and Sonic Innovations. We also work with an all-make repair company so we can service almost any hearing aid in need of repair.

Real-Ear Testing

Visible Speech Mapping
This procedure helps us verify hearing aid settings, evaluate the audibility of speech sounds and demonstrate the way a hearing loss sounds for people who have not experienced it themselves.

Musician's Earplugs
Hi-fidelity earplugs with removable filters to provide musicians and other professionals with hearing protection while ensuring the best, most natural sound quality.

Custom Earmolds for iPods (and other MP3 players)
Custom earmolds to be used with iPods or other MP3 players, also available for use with hi-fidelity in-ear monitors.

Custom Noise Protection
A variety of custom earplugs for hearing protection. Many styles and colors are available.

Custom Swim Plugs
Floatable, silicone earplugs in many colors, also available with swirled colors.

Hearing Aid Batteries
Rayovac and Power One hearing aid batteries in all sizes. Order batteries by phone or e-mail and have them mailed to your home!

Assistive Listening Devices
Television amplifiers, telephone amplifiers, amplified phone ringers, light signalers for telephones, vibrating alarm clocks and more.

Cell Phone Accessories
Custom earmolds for cell phone headsets, bluetooth compatible devices, hands-free options and more.

Hearing Aid Accessories
Hearing aid dehumidifiers, telephone pads, earmold lubricant, cases and more.

Universal Ear Plugs for Noise Protection
Filtered, flat-attenuation ear plugs to provide clear sound quality and noise protection at an affordable price. I use mine in movie theaters, at concerts and in noisy restaurants. Foam ear plugs also available.

Cerumen Removal